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Screen Printing

With 35 screen printing presses and a capacity to fulfill any size order - we are the right choice for your company. We use a variety of eco-friendly and specialty inks to satisfy your printing needs and have the capacity to produce 5 million impressions per month.


Factory1 produces a variety of dyed and novelty treated products. Our in-house lab ensures consistency in our color matching from a sample to a large volume order. With hundreds of treatments and an in-house development lab, we stay up to date with the latest garment dyes to produce unique and exclusive products.


At Factory1, our attention to detail is above all else. We have a variety of processes that improve the finishing of your product. We make sure your garment gets the works so that the fabric not only looks good, but it’s designed to last.

Cut Out Tees

Our commitment to detail shines through our handmade processes to give you a unique product. We produce cut out tees for top notch brands - so we’ve got you covered.


Our variety of embellishment methods are available to decorate all types of garments so we can make your vision a reality, Rhinestones, Ultra Sonic Welding, Embossing and Dye Cut Applique.


We offer embroidery services for all types of garments. We reproduce your graphic by first 'digitizing' it, which involves formatting the design so our embroidery program recognizes it and can use different colored threads to stitch the design onto the garments.


We provide our clients efficient, cost- effective logistics, management and freight solutions custom tailored for the success of your business. As industry leaders, we take pride in serving all domestic and international markets.

DTG Printing

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing is a digital print technique for full color, no minimum order.

Global Sourcing

High quality products from China, India, Bangladesh, Honduras, Mexico and Thailand. Supported by an advanced logistics capability.
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